“Canada’s 150th” original artwork print, printed on 18" x 24" 100lb matte finish paper giving it a smooth and silky feel. I've created a festival tent with open curtains so the viewer can get a sense of what the Yukon offers year-round in terms of festivals, culture and Yukon's First Nations art. There is a silhouette of the iconic SS Klondike, the colourful Whitehorse Main street, and a few of the Carcross buildings showcasing Yukon's First Nation's art and culture. 

High above the vast mountain range is the midnight sun illuminating the sky with spirits of Yukon's First Nations dancers singing and dancing around a fire representing the centuries old beautiful traditional songs and dances that are very much alive to the present day in the Yukon. Outside the tent are masks and a silhouette of a man playing the guitar that 

highlights and represents the theatre, film, music, art and cultural festivals that are held in the Yukon


Size : 18" x 24"

Paper: 100lb matte finish paper giving it a smooth and silky feel

Canada's 150th

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