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"Yukon Scenery" original artwork print features an image of the Yukon River winding through the Yukon and framed by many Northern animals.

The bottom of the artwork includes Yukon Fireweed, followed by mountainous terrain clffs that Dall sheep love to climb.

Next a Sockeye Salmon is jumping out of the water, with a Northern Pintail Duck behind it and a large Moose is standing in the distance. A Red Fox sits by the river and a Snowshoe Hare waits quietly behind. In the far distance, a Grizzly bear investigates his surroundings with the Kluane mountain range in the background.

The two trees on either side of my sketch are Sub-Alpine Fir trees where a Northern Hawk-Owl perches at the top and the iconic Raven flies above. The sky is illuminated with greens, and hues of purple as the Northern Lights dance through the sky over the snow-capped mountains and green valley below.


Size : 11" x 14"

Paper: 100lb matte finish paper giving it a smooth and silky finish

Yukon Scenery - Art Print

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